Lost Earring Miraculously Found Months Later

Ever since the Holy Spirit introduced Pastor Prince’s ministry to me, I have been an eager listener and follower of the teachings, and I have been greatly blessed and delivered from condemnation and guilt. I read the grace inspirations on a daily basis and also listen to his weekly messages.

I would like to testify of a miracle that happened to me when I listened to one of his weekly messages. The message that week was, It’s Time To Receive Your Restoration. I was greatly blessed by the message and even listened to it several times.

Before returning to Ghana, I’d lost one side of a pair of my earrings when I was in London in February. But on August 25, that earring miraculously appeared! When I got back from church that Sunday, I spotted it in my earring case when I was putting my jewellery back.

The amazing thing about it all is that I was not even praying about the lost earring. When I heard Pastor Prince’s message, I just received it in my spirit and prayed a small prayer of restoration. Lord Jesus had restored the earring out of love for me and I have not stopped wearing both earrings since.

May God richly bless Pastor Prince.