Broken Marriage Of 33 Years Restored By Grace

My husband and I have been married for 33 years but over the years, our marriage started failing. We prayed, cried, and searched for many resources and people to help our marriage. We went to many marriage counselors and some even suggested that we divorce. Ultimately, we separated but did not divorce, as we believed that divorce was not the answer. We were broken.

One day, when I was fellowshipping with a friend, I was introduced to Joseph Prince’s television program. His teachings on grace changed me. Many times, I would just sit and cry, wondering how I missed true grace after all those years of being a Christian.

After a few months of being introduced to the TV program, I very carefully suggested to my husband that he listen to your program. He did and God’s grace also had a similar effect on him.

It wasn’t before long that our marriage began to change significantly. We felt the healing power in our marriage and consider it a miracle!

I sing hallelujah and praise to the wonderful name of Jesus for the glorious gospel of grace. Now, we are truly ministers of the gospel!

Thanks be to God for this unspeakable gift and thank you, Joseph Prince, for being faithful to the truth!

Texas, United States